Formswriter typewriter by Around The Office ® memorizes frequently used forms

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Formswriter typewriter by AroundTheOffice©


Formswriter typewriter by AroundTheOffice



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The Formswriter © Typewriter Features and capabilities are comparable to those on the Xerox Memorywriter series of electronic typewriters. This is a new typewriter that allows the operator to automaticaly advance from fileld to field and type information on the display and make any corrections before printing on the paper. Mistakes are very hard to correct on the 2nd or 3rd. copy of the form.

Adler-Royal PowerWriterMD Wide Carriage with Memory & Display Typewriter Features:

17" Max Paper Width 13.5" Max Paper Length. 1, 1-1/2, 2, 3 Line Spacing.
Index/Reverse Index. Auto Paper Insert. Paper End Alert.
80,000 Word Std, 300 Word User Defined Dictionary. 22 cps Bi-Directional Print Speed. 100-Character Daisy Printing Element.
10, 12, 15, PS Pitch Selections. Bidirectional Printing. 150,000 Characters Correctable Ribbon Capacity.
16K Char. Memory. (100 files) Battery Back-Up. Soft-Key Logic.
LCD Display Type. 40 Character Capacity. 500/Full Page Character Memory.
Line/Word/Character Erase.

This is a NEW MACHINE, Guaranteed for ONE FULL YEAR !

See a demonstration in the following video, of the Formswriter © typewriter navigating a form. Field by field, in the order you want to enter the data, the Formswriter © makes forms a breeze.



Every office MUST have a typewriter for memos, envelopes and multi-copy forms that a computer just can't process. The Formswriter typewriter by AroundTheOffice ® remembers how to fill out that form, without having to correct any mistakes. Formswriter typewriter remembers forms
Formswriter typewriter display It remembers where the next field is and you can type the information on the 40-character display, correcting any mistakes before sending it to the form.
The Formswriter © eliminates operator frustration and increases office productivity. The Formswriter © features a side knob as well, for manual form feeding, that many typewriters have done away with entirely. Formswriter typewriter side knob


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